Concord Normal School


Concord College

The College Seal. In the spring of 1915, Concord felt the need of a seal that could be used in the school catalog and other material. It was designed by Dr. Felix Yanowski. The Faculty adopted it as the official seal of the school on March 31, 1915. The only changes made since then has been to change the name to correspond with the changes in the name of the institution. In 1963, it was announced that the date on the seal would be changed to 1872, the year of the first act establishing the college.

Around the seal is a wreath made of pine leaves, denoting dignity and oak leaves, denoting strength. At the top of the wreath is a dove of peace. In the center of the seal can be seen the figure of a teacher, who is imparting learning to an eager student, standing beside him.

In the teacherīs hand is a book of literature, at his feet is a palette, denoting art. The globe before him signifies science, the dividers are a symbol of mathematics. The vase and cogwheel represent artisanship and industry. In the background are oak trees, symbolic of the forest of West Virginia, and the rhododendron, the state flower. "In the glow of the setting sun, forming a background for this symbolic picture, we see a scene of splendor and majesty, the beauty of the West Virginia hills." (from the 1927 Pine Tree)

In 2004, the seal was changed to reflect Concord's University status.