The first girlīs dormitory on the present campus was finished in 1922. As the school grew, a new wing was added, in 1937. In 1962, a third unit was completed.


Holroyd Hall, the first hall for men, was bought by the state in 1925. It was used as a dormitory until 1939, and was once used for faculty apartments, classrooms and the health center.


Holroyd Hall, 1925

John Baker White Hall for men, built in 1939. It included a large lounge, recreational rooms and apartment for the director. A new hall for men was completed in 1962. White Hall also used to house the Computer Center, the Print Shop, the Housing Office, and Bonner Scholars Office to name a few. White Hall was torn down recently and rebuilt as the new technology center. Construction of the new Rahall Technology Center can be seen here.

John Baker White Hall, 1939