Concord University has a unique and valuable possession in the form of the Wells Goodykoontz Holograph Collection, previously located in seminar 1 of the library. This famous collection of documented pictures (holographs) represents a lifetime project by the late Honorable Wells Goodykoontz, State Senator, Congressman, and well-known attorney and leader of Williamson, West Virginia.

   In bringing together this unique collection, Mr. Goodykoontz spent much time and money, and proved his wide and varied intrests. The collection of approximately 160 autographed pictures shows the Presidents of the United States, the Governors of West Virginia, world famous statesmen, scientists, actors, musicians and other groups, with intimate documents, letters and autographs relating to each.

   The Collector started out to make a collection of pictures of the family of Abraham Lincoln after Lincoln’s son presented Mr. Goodykoontz with his father’s autographed picture. From this beginning the collection grew to it’s present proportions.

   The collection includes the autographed photographs of such celebrated statesmen as Edmund Burke, Henry Clay, Talleyrand (signed Charles Morris), Gladstone and William Jennings Bryan; representatives of the entertainment world as Will Rogers, Mary Pickford, Sarah Bernhardt, John Barrymore, Sir Harry Lauder, P.T. Barnum, W.F. Cody, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.

   A recent, massive undertaking has begun whereby the library is re-establishing the collections importance to its holdings by having each piece of the collection professionally restored and or refurbished to maintain Mr. Goodykoontz’s legacy collection. As pieces are restored, they will be gradually added here for all to see.

Wells Goodykoontz collections as it was originally housed, 1970

Corner shot of the Wells Goodykoontz collection, 1970