“Old Main” , 1912

 “Marsh Hall” 1999

The First Building on the present campus, once called "Old Main". After the fire of 1910, there were several other communities clamoring to have Concord moved to their town. Dr. D.H. Thornton headed a committee to help rebuild the school. Dr. Henry D. Hatfield, then president of the West Virginia Senate, tipped the Thornton Committee as to the right time to file their bill with Mercerīs representative in the legislature. The bill to rebuild at Athens was passed, without strong opposition. A new campus was purchased by the people of Athens, a 26 acre plot, a part of the Vermillion land.

The building was constructed of bricks from a Princeton brickyard and were hauled by large wagons, pulled by a steam tractor. One old resident of Athens remembers as a boy how they would listen for the whistle of the engine as it came into town, pulling its load. The building was completed in 1912. In 1914, an auditorium and additional rooms were added.