Use the link below to begin accessing PsycINFO. Please follow the instructions below for correct usage of this site.

Click on the provided link. At this screen, simply press the "Start Ovid" button. You do not need a Username/Password from any PC on campus. ( Please see the library staff about accessing this site remotely).

Remote access URL ->

This next screen asks you to please pick which database from which you will search. You are given two (2) choices. Explanation of each below :

  • Journals @ovid Full Text -Journals@Ovid is a single database that contains the Ovid Full Text and graphics of every full text journal offered by Ovid. Regardless of the number of subscribed Journals@Ovid titles, every Journals@Ovid subscriber gets access to all of the Tables of Contents, Bibliographic citations, Abstracts, and references in the entire database.
  • Your Journals @ovid -YourJournals@Ovid is a subset of the larger Journals@Ovid database that is limited to only the journals to which your institution subscribes, for when a user wants to see only the citations to which they have access. It provides all of the basic functionality of Journals@Ovid, including 100% searchability, seamless integration with databases, and the ablity to browse by journal and by subject.
  • Choosing Your Journals @ovid will be the preferred choice if you ONLY want full text searches, otherwise the Journals @ovid selection will provide you with results that may or may not include full text articles.