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On June 28, 2004 Concord University began a massive undertaking. White Hall, which has stood proud since 1939, will be brought down and reborn as Concord University's "technology center". White Hall was originally built as a men's dormitory then changed to house many of the service departments of the University, including the Computer Center, Print Shop, Upward Bound and McNair Scholar's respecitvely.

The ground breaking ceremony came off without a hitch, with various speakers including Dr. Jerry Beasley and U.S. Rep. Nick J. Rahall Jr offering up words of encouragement for the faculty/staff present as Concord College faces new challenges in becoming Concord University. The first of these challenges will be to create the aforementioned technology center from the former White Hall. Concord University's Public Relations office has provided pictures from the ground breaking ceremony here...

 Rahall ground breaking ceremony

Our Archivist, Dave Shumate, has taken various pictures over the course of the project from demolition to construction. Select an album from the drop down list above to view each album.