C. C. Rossey, as indicated by his academic degrees, was well prepared for his duties as President of Concord College. His word at Concord, from 1918-24, embraced many facets, including the physical improvement of the campus. The dormitory for women was built, and a new physical education building was completed. The first course for degrees was offered in 1920, with the first A.B. Degree being granted in 1923.

The school became a member of the American Association of Teachers Colleges. Although the school still retained the name "normal school", it had become a college.

President Rossey thought that appearing at ease in good society was a part of education. Intercollegiate debate was begun in 1923. Games and folk-dancing for teachers was added, and because of great demand from the business world, a department of commerce was added. Mr. Rossey worked to publicize the college in the surrounding area.