The Second Building, 1892

The legislature of 1885 was aware of the progress that Concord Normal School was making. They were impressed by the service given to the state by the school, and appropriated $5000 for a new brick building. Work was started in July of 1886, and the building was completed in June, 1887.

Captain French, who was principal in 1887, was unable to leave his room because of illness. Captain Sweeney was in the legislature, so James French Holroyd began the session in the new building. In 1888 an appropriation of $3000 was made to provide an addition to the building.

Shown here, left to right, are C. A. Fulwider, who graduated from Concord in 1886, and began to teach in that same year; Harvey French, first principal; Miss Nannie Mcreery, who finished Concord Normal in 1883, and came back to teach in 1889; J.D. Sweeney, appointed first assistant in 1855, became principal in 1891; and James F. Holroyd, whose name appears on the roster for the faculty from 1877.

From the beginning, the faculty have been dedicated to the growth and advancement of the school, and to the training of young minds entrusted to their care. All through the years, Concord has been very fortunate in obtaining faculty members with excellent educational backgrounds, devotion to teaching and personalities that have made them good teachers.                       Concord Faculty, about 1890

Today, the faculty carry on the tradition of scholarship and excellence in teaching. The faculty include persons who are graduates of major American and foreign universities, from many different states and from several foreign countries.