Virgil H. Stewart served as the president of Concord College from 1945-59. He held the earned degrees of A.B. and A.M., and was later honored with the L.L.D. He was an experienced school man before coming to Concord, and continued the spirit of calm understanding of past years. He became known for his courtesy and helpfulness. So rapidly passed the years, one gliding into another, that it was difficult to see the way the school had grown. New courses included preprofessional training in engineering, medicine, dentistry and other programs. Terminal programs included music, business, art, home economics, and library science. A course by television education was established, to bring the campus to the service area.

The new science building was completed, and an athletic field was provided. The curriculum included more evening classes, field service programs and workshops in various fields, as well as courses in adult education. Dr. Stewart did much to add beauty to the college, so that it became truly, "The Campus Beautiful".