The Pines were planted in the spring of 1915 as a wind break. In time, the pines became the splendor of the campus and the symbol of the college. The beauty of the trees is one reason why the college has merited the title of "The Campus Beautiful". Mr. Delford Lee Cottrillīs agriculture and botany classes obtained the trees and planted them.

The pines developed into a very impressive group. When the new College Center Building was erected, some of the trees were cut. The private dining room and the Alumni Lounge are paneled in lumber from these trees.

Alumni Lounge

Dining Room



In 1963, a brief history of Concord titled “The Pines” was penned in part by Mr. R.T. Hill, Associate Professor of Geography at Concord and the Centennial Treasure Hunt Committee. Click the link below to read “The Pines”. Please be patient as this is a very large adobe .pdf file and may take several moments to fully load.

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