Third Building (1895 - November 10th, 1910) Destroyed by fire

Built by an appropriation of $20,000 in 1895, to renovate the old building. All but the left wing of the previous building was torn down and new wings were added. This building was described as a large, well arranged two story brick building, with many advantages.

There were three recitation rooms, an office for the principal, a study hall, library, two society halls and two class rooms on the first floor. On the second floor were three recitation rooms, a room for the business department and a commencement hall with a seating capacity of 800, in comfortable opera chairs. The engine room and lavatories were located in the basement

Ruins, after the 1910 fire. The people of Athens were aroused by the ringing of a church bell at 3:30am on the morning of November 10, 1910. They found that the normal school was in flames. The alarm was given by Miss Nell Caldwell, who lived near the school, and who had discovered the blaze. She gave the alarm by ringing the bell of the Christian church (now the Church of the Nazarene). Everything of value was lost in the fire, but before the smoke had dissipated and the ruins were cool, plans were underway for continuing the school.

Fire of the Third Building (November 10th, 1910

At 8:00am, the students, teachers and residents of Athens met in one of the churches to plan for carrying on the school. Teaching was done in the three churches, the Old Fellow´s Hall, the Masonic Hall and store rooms. By such expedients, it was possible to take care of the 300 students. All records had been lost but the students were asked, on their honor, to report their courses and grades.









Because the new building was under construction, the 1911 commencement was held in the grove behind the former site. The event was marked with full ceremonials, the spirits of the college was not dampened by the loss of the old building, but instead were buoyed up by the anticipated new building. Commencement exercises continued to be held outdoors until 1918, when the first commencement was held in the present auditorium. The outdoor ceremony was described as being most impressive and beautiful with the natural setting of the woodland.